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Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Our tungsten heavy alloy products are utilized in flight and aviation enterprises, clinical innovation, car and foundry ventures or for oil and gas penetrating. Our tungsten (heavy) alloys have an especially high thickness and give solid protection against X-rays and gamma radiation. Our tungsten heavy alloy products are utilized for protection from harmful rays and radiation in clinical applications, in addition to the oil and gas industry.

As collimators in radiation treatment hardware, they guarantee precise openness. In adjusting loads, we utilize the especially high thickness of our tungsten heavy metal alloy. We have tungsten fishing weights/jigs, tungsten alloy boring bar/bucking bar, and other products that grow without a doubt, very little at high temperatures and disseminate heat especially well. As mould inserts for aluminum foundry work, they can be more than once warmed and cooled without becoming fragile.

Our tungsten composite material is exceptional because of its ideal strength and high thickness and flexibility. In the Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) process, metals are machined to a superior degree of accuracy through electrical releases between the workpiece and cathode.

At the point when copper and graphite cathodes are not capable, wear-safe tungsten-copper-terminals can machine even hard metals without trouble. In plasma splash nozzles for the coating industry, the material properties of tungsten and copper again supplement each other impeccably.

PET syringe shield, vial shield, isotope container, FDG container, and multi-leaf collimator are the diverse applications of tungsten for nuclear shielding and radiation protection. On the other hand, it is also an exceptional substitute material for Uranium.

It is also used with Electrodes for resistance welding. However, tungsten polymers and tungsten silicone are only used in heavy applications and complex products. It also assists with precisely controlling the radiation and ensuring that no damage is done to the environment.