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Agescan is a professional company which engages in manufacturing, machining and sales of tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten copper, cemented carbide, pure tungsten and other non-ferrous metal alloy specialty material products.

Tungsten Super Shot

The best material for shotgun pellets

When it comes to hunting, penetration energy plays a key role in hitting the target. Tungsten is one of the densest metals in nature, with 19.3g/cc compared to steel at 7.87 g/cc and lead at 11.3 g/cc. Tungsten Super Shot (“TSS”) is a hard metal alloy product made of 95% Tungsten powder, 5% Nickle and Iron powder to reach a density as high as 18-18.3 g/cc, which is 60% denser than traditional lead shots.

Tungsten Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding of the Next Generation

Tungsten alloy is the ultimate choice for radiation shielding material. Its density and high atomic number outperform lead, providing superior protection with portable dimensions. Trust Agescan for the top-notch shielding.

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