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Agescan Internationals Inc. (ASI), a Canadian Company is well established with extensive experience and capability in supplying and sales of tungsten and special­ty alloy materials and products.

ASI maintains significant production capacity while expanding to support various industries such as outdoor sports, aerospace, medical, automotive, petroleum and industrial customers with our high-quality tung­sten and various alloy materials and finished products.

If you are looking for truly high quality, industry standards and specifications compliant products, ASI team is the most qualified to outdoor sports, aerospace, medical and other industries with precision manufactured materi­als and products.

We produce our tungsten products ourselves – from the metal powder right through to the finished product. As our input material, we use only the purest tungsten oxide. This ensures that you benefit from a very high level of material purity.

ASI Company maintains strict manufacturing standards and controls from raw materials to manufacturing including lot and batch control in full compliance with specifications and standards such as ISO 9001-2015, OEM Specifications and other applicable specifications as required by contract.

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