Tungsten Shot Size Guide: Choose the Right Size

When it comes to hunting with tungsten shot, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make is selecting the right shot size. Tungsten shot offers various advantages over traditional lead or steel shot, primarily due to its superior density and hardness. However, choosing the correct shot size is crucial for optimizing your hunting performance and ensuring ethical and humane harvesting of game. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different sizes of tungsten shot and when to use each size for various types of game and shooting situations.

Understanding Tungsten Shot Sizes

Tungsten shot is available in a range of sizes, typically denoted by numbers and sometimes referred to as “TSS” (Tungsten Super Shot). These numbers represent the diameter of the individual pellets in inches or millimeters. Smaller numbers indicate larger shot sizes, while larger numbers indicate smaller shot sizes.

Here is a breakdown of common tungsten shot sizes and their characteristics:

  1. #9 Tungsten Shot: #9 tungsten shot is one of the smallest sizes available, making it suitable for hunting small game and birds such as doves and quail. Its small size allows for tight patterns and increased pellet count, improving your chances of hitting fast and agile targets.
  2. #7.5 Tungsten Shot: This size is versatile and can be used for a wide range of game, including upland birds like pheasants and chukars. #7.5 tungsten shot offers a balance between pellet count and size, making it effective for medium-sized game birds.
  3. #6 Tungsten Shot: Considered an excellent all-around size, #6 tungsten shot is suitable for hunting waterfowl and upland game alike. It provides a good balance between pellet count and pellet size, ensuring effective performance in various hunting situations.
  4. #4 Tungsten Shot: When hunting larger waterfowl, such as geese, or for situations where you need extended range and greater penetration, #4 tungsten shot is a solid choice. It offers a larger pellet size while maintaining a high pellet count.
  5. #2 Tungsten Shot: For extreme long-range waterfowl hunting or for larger game like turkey, #2 tungsten shot excels. Its larger size and high density deliver the energy and penetration needed for these challenging hunting scenarios.

Selecting the Right Tungsten Shot Size

Now that you know the different tungsten shot sizes, let’s answer some common questions and help you choose the best size for your specific hunting needs.

What is the best size TSS shot?

The best size of Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shot depends on the type of game you are hunting and the specific shooting situation. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are some general guidelines:

  • For small game and birds like doves and quail, #9 tungsten shot is an excellent choice due to its tight patterns and high pellet count.
  • For a versatile option that works well for medium-sized upland game and waterfowl, consider #6 or #7.5 tungsten shot.
  • When pursuing larger waterfowl or game at longer distances, #4 or #2 tungsten shot provides the necessary penetration and energy.

How big is a #4 shot?

A #4 tungsten shot measures approximately 0.13 inches or 3.25 millimeters in diameter. It is larger than #6 or #7.5 shot sizes, making it ideal for larger waterfowl and situations where you need increased stopping power.

What is a number 9 tungsten shot?

A #9 tungsten shot is one of the smallest shot sizes available, measuring about 0.08 inches or 2 millimeters in diameter. It is commonly used for hunting small game and birds like doves and quail due to its tight patterns and high pellet count.

What is #4 shot used for?

#4 tungsten shot is primarily used for hunting larger waterfowl, such as geese, and for scenarios where you need extended range and greater penetration. Its larger size ensures it carries enough energy to take down larger game effectively.

Matching Shot Size to Game and Shooting Conditions

Choosing the right tungsten shot size involves considering several factors, including the type of game, target distance, and choke selection. Here are some general recommendations for matching shot size to specific hunting situations:

  1. Upland Game Hunting: For upland birds like pheasants and quail, #6 or #7.5 tungsten shot is a good choice. These sizes offer a balance between pellet count and size, providing effective results for typical upland hunting distances.
  2. Waterfowl Hunting: Waterfowl hunting often involves varying distances and target sizes. #4 and #2 tungsten shot are well-suited for hunting larger waterfowl species like ducks and geese. If you expect longer shots, opt for #2 for increased energy and range.
  3. Turkey Hunting: When pursuing wild turkeys, which have tough and resilient feathers, #2 tungsten shot is recommended. It provides the necessary energy to penetrate through the feathers and deliver a clean and ethical shot.
  4. Mixed-Bag Hunts: If you’re on a hunt that could involve a variety of game, consider using #6 or #7.5 tungsten shot. These sizes offer versatility and are capable of taking down a range of species.
  5. Long-Range Shots: When planning for long-range shots, such as pass shooting for waterfowl, it’s advisable to select larger tungsten shot sizes like #4 or #2 to ensure the necessary energy and penetration.
  6. Choke Selection: The choke you use in your shotgun also plays a significant role in patterning and shot distribution. Experiment with different chokes to fine-tune your pattern and improve your chances of a clean shot.

In conclusion, choosing the right tungsten shot size is essential for successful and ethical hunting. Consider the size of your quarry, the distance at which you’ll be shooting, and the choke you’ll be using to select the most appropriate shot size. With the superior density and hardness of tungsten shot, you can enhance your hunting performance and increase your chances of a clean and humane harvest.

For the best selection of tungsten shot sizes and expert advice, visit our website to explore a wide range of Tungsten super-shot options that cater to various hunting needs. Make informed choices, and enjoy a more rewarding hunting experience with tungsten shot.