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Steel was the only nontoxic pellet material available for waterfowl shooting after the lead shot was outlawed, over 30 years ago. Ammo manufacturers enhanced steel loads using wads, waterproofing, and powders that burn cleaner. Steel emerged as a cost-effective and efficient shot material, yet due to its reduced density, it lacks the downrange energy of lead. With bismuth and tungsten proving the most suitable options, ammunition manufacturers started investigating substitutes like copper and tin. The Tungsten Advantage and details about tungsten shotgun pellets will be covered in this blog.

Understanding Tungsten

In the 1990s, the Federal Cartridge Company created a tungsten shot and iron alloy nearly as dense as lead. Pellets made from hard, dense, and costly tungsten have been made by pulverizing them with polymer and mixing them with nickel and iron to different densities. In addition to its high gravimetric density, its high radiographic density makes it an ideal material to shield or collimate the x and g radiation. Today, tungsten is widely applied in areas such as industry, military, medicine, electronics, energy, healthcare, and beyond.

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The Tungsten Advantages

Resistance to high temperature

The aerospace, automated, and construction sectors find tungsten a good material for high-temperature applications due to its high melting point of 3422°C. Because of its high melting point and resistance to thermal creep, it may be used to create alloys and superalloys, which makes it appropriate for thermally demanding applications where other metals would not hold up.
High density

With one of the greatest densities of any metal (19.3 g/cm3), tungsten is perfect for small-scale uses such as kinetic weapons, airplane ballast, and racing car ballast. Because of its density and similarity to gold at a lower cost, it is also used to make jewelry. In addition, tungsten is utilized in producing heavy metal alloys, such as high-speed steel, which has a tungsten content of up to 18%. Its density may also be used for other metals such as iron, nickel, copper, etc. Due to its high density, tungsten is a useful substitute metal for various uses.

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Highly ductile

Tungsten, a robust metal with the highest tensile strength, in metal manufacturing, creates tiny wires that won’t break. This stiffness is especially helpful in light bulb filaments, where incredibly thin wires must be heated to create. Due to this property, it is also effective in making different tungsten shot sizes. The high melting point of tungsten is essential to this technique since it guarantees the material’s strength and lifetime.

Low thermal expansion

Tungsten is perfect for high-temperature applications, such as tungsten carbide cutting tools and jet engine turbine blades, because its low thermal expansion coefficient provides extra stability under intense heat and remarkable structural firmness.

Corrosion resistance
Highly resistant to corrosion, tungsten may be applied outdoors and in various hostile situations, particularly in saltwater and marine settings. Because of its ability to resist corrosive chemicals like water, acid, or solvents, it may be alloyed with other metals to create jewelry, fishing lures, and ships.

Because of its inertness and conductive qualities, tungsten metal is widely used in radiation-sensitive settings and the electronics sector. Due to its high density, it is an essential component of electrodes, conductors, metallic films, and shielding against high-energy radiation and X-ray targets.

Tungsten and Shotguns

The heavier densities of tungsten-iron shotshells make them appropriate for use in older shotguns. Because tungsten produces tight patterns and permits smaller pellets, it is appropriate for various loads. With tungsten shot sizes as tiny as 9 for ducks and 7 for geese, they are an excellent option for lots of ducks and geese. Use better cylinders or lightly adjusted chokes when pattern-testing your firearm to ensure it is patterning correctly.

Evaluating a firearm’s construction, maximum payload, and condition is important before deciding if it may be used with TSS. For example, a local gunsmith should examine and assess the original Browning Auto-5. Gun tolerances and the kind of action employed are also considered in manufacturing modern firearms.

Ensuring that the shell length of an expended hull will consistently eject from today’s semi-autos is crucial, as many gun manufacturers construct shotguns.


There is a noticeable performance and accuracy benefit with the Super 18 tungsten shot. Its thick composition will improve your shooting experience, which guarantees precisely-packed shotgun pellets. This technology is revolutionary for those looking for exceptional accuracy and impact in their shooting pursuits. For unmatched performance on the field, take into consideration the Tungsten Advantage.

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