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While many anglers plan their fishing trips in the spring and summer months, fall fishing offers some of the most memorable experiences. Water temperatures have cooled down and many fish are packing on the weight to prepare for the winter ahead, which means they’re eagerly looking for food — or in the angler’s case, bait. Even though many Americans may be trading in their fishing gear for their hunting equipment, there are always anglers who aren’t quite ready to hang up their poles.

Across the country, there are a number of beautiful landscapes and open waters that avid anglers can take advantage of. Let’s look at five must-visit fishing destinations for the fall season.

The Popularity of Chesapeake Bay

You’ll find more than a few fishing lures bobbing in the waters at Chesapeake Bay. This iconic body of water is 200 miles long — stretching from Havre de Grace, Maryland, to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fall is the central season for striped bass in these waters — moving freely, feeding and preparing to breed.

Anglers should take advantage of these waters during the fall, but only with the right equipment.  Striped bass will often pounce on blunt, anchored tips. The benefit of Tungsten lures and Tungsten fishing weights is the density and increased sinking rate, which will draw in the stripers.

The Surrounding Lake Michigan Waters

Lake Michigan — known by avid anglers as the big pond — borders a total of five states, offering a wide variety of locations for anyone looking to take advantage of fall fishing. The shorelines are famously full of salmon, and those moving inland can also enjoy the fall salmon run in surrounding streams and rivers.

Both Coho and King Salmon are high-energy fish. In order to maximize your catching capacity, durable, non-corrosive lures are best suited for these particular fish. When it comes to durability, Tungsten lures are going to give you exactly what you need to attract salmon. With increased sinking rates, anchor ability, and casting distance, this heavy alloy is quickly becoming the go-to material for fishing sinkers. The right Tungsten suppliers will keep your local fishing and tackle shops stocked up with the best equipment, which is the first step to ensuring you’re entering into the new season ready for success.

The Surplus of Fish in the Florida Keys

Arguably one of the most diverse fishing spots in America, the Florida Keys offers 120 miles of nearshore, inshore, and offshore opportunities. The mix of landscapes mirrors the mix of fish throughout these southern waters. The reefs and wrecks have seen their fair share of yellowtails. These particular fish respond to heavy metal lures but lead-based lures can cause environmental harm. Switching to Tungsten lures such as those manufactured at Agescan International provide anglers with the small, high density fishing sinkers needed to expertly catch yellowtails.

The Beauty of Cape Cod

Massachusetts’ Cape Cod extends to the Atlantic Ocean — offering anglers privy to fall fishing an unparalleled saltwater fishing experience. Striped bass and bluefish are extremely popular, and the bass in these waters are the most sought-after of the species and range in size from one pound to 60 pounds. On the other hand, adult bluefish reach a maximum of 12 pounds — though both breeds are equally hungry, especially around the fall season. In order to lure these particular fish, durable and high-quality equipment like Tungsten lures will maximize usability and catching potential for east-coast anglers.

The Underestimated Chatfield Reservoir

This Denver fishing spot is considered a hidden gem, with sprawling national parks and reserves that surround the state and offer some of the most diverse fishing experiences in the country. Those that frequent this 1355-acre Colorado storage reservoir know they have the potential to catch anything ranging from bass to channel catfish, rainbow trout, and walleye. With this expansive list, packing your tackle box would usually require a mix of lures and sinkers.

Transitioning to more universal equipment offers efficient packing and keeps your tacklebox stocked with environmentally conscious tools, benefitting both you as the angler and the fish surrounding the reservoir. Tungsten lures — especially for sporting — have become increasingly popular among fall fishers for their small body and high-durability. They offer nuisance-free fishing and can be customized to fit particular fishing requirements.

With Tungsten fishing weights, anglers in Colorado and around the country can enjoy their fall fishing experience — while simultaneously providing a more comfortable experience for the local fish, and a more sustainable product which pays respect to the environment, while allowing avid anglers to fuel their passion.

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