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Hunting culture has been a central to the American narrative for centuries. From the frontier to a booming outdoor tourism industry, hunting — whether for subsistence or recreation — is a continued practice for millions of Americans. There are a number of misconceptions surrounding the sport, specifically referring to its environmental practices. In reality, hunters are very involved in the sustainability aspects. When maintained and regulated, hunting can have a positive impact on our ecosystems.

Through strategic practices and investing in eco-friendly equipment, such as tungsten shotshells from Agescan International, hunting can continue to be a thought-provoking topic of conversation — while simultaneously remaining an enjoyable, safe sport for licensed hunters across America.

Following the Rules and Respecting Hunting Laws

The first and most crucial step toward eco-friendly hunting is being aware of all the hunting regulations that apply to each area and following the appropriate rules. While the rules and regulations will vary slightly across the country, each state requires its own license in order to hunt within their borders — it must also adhere to the state’s fish and game department regulations.

This ensures the sport remains highly managed and that its hunters are able to enjoy the sport and keep the wildlife populations at a healthy count. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has put a system in place to track animal populations across the country — assigning hunting licenses, stamps, and tags accordingly. Hunters that wish to keep their license will be very conscious of regulation seasons, daily time and bag limits, and the legal practices associated with the sport. Exercising common sense and good ethics will ensure you’re getting the most out of your hunting experience.

Investing in Environmentally Friendly Equipment

When it comes to hunting, owning the right equipment will have a major impact on the ecosystem you’re engaging with and the overall experience. Today’s equipment — from shotgun cartridges to electronic devices with the ability to read temperature and elevation — is designed to improve the sport’s experience and make for better hunters. The sustainability aspect of these new designs is crucial.

Sustainability in the hunting industry begins with the clothing hunters put on their backs. The number of eco-friendly apparel brands continues to grow as the demand for these products becomes even more necessary. There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a sustainable brand of clothing.

In addition to recycled materials and organic fabrics, the brand’s internal and operational practices are equally as important. Do they use renewable energy to manufacture their products? Are their shipping practices responsible? How are they sourcing their materials? If brands are following these practices with transparency, you can confidently wear their hunting apparel knowing sustainability is their priority — once you have the ensemble, you can move on to selecting environmentally-friendly equipment.

The right ammunition is the key to hitting your target. Today’s hunters are embracing TSS — Tungsten Super Shot — one of the heaviest metals in the world. Non-toxic shotshells provide a penetration energy unmatched by traditional ammunition — while simultaneously offering safer handling and lessening their environmental impact. Their high energy offers a significantly reduced pellet size which will increase pattern density and improve the pellet penetration depth into the target.

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Purchasing a few quality pieces of equipment offers a sustainable approach compared to purchasing cheaper accessories with little durability. Seasoned hunters often gravitate towards lightweight, versatile shotguns which require ammunition of the same quality. The high density and resistance to high temperatures have made tungsten alloy balls a popular choice for shotgun users — while the low energy of tungsten shotshells makes shotguns ideal for hunting birds and small game.

If you are a hunting equipment retailer, you should be investing in Tungsten SuperShot from a manufacturer such as Agescan — it proves to your customers that you are as invested in environmentally-sustainable hunting gear as they are.

Minimizing Your Waste

Protecting our ecosystems and the wildlife that live there requires hunters to be vigilant when it comes to discarding waste. Responsible hunting consists of leaving zero waste during and after the hunting season.

While hunters presently wear heavy equipment and carry heavy packs, they must also carry specific bags to gather any garbage — from there, they should be disposing their bags as per their local regulations. Depending on the size of the game you’re hunting, there may be varied disposal practices and additional rules to follow to ensure total safety for yourself and anyone else who may access the same pathways.

Whether it’s for sustenance or sport, the full hunting experience includes proper cleanup and disposal in order to avoid transmitting diseases, protecting the land, and preventing any interactions with potentially dangerous wildlife.

These practices are crucial to maintaining a safe hunting ground for hunters and protecting the environment for the region’s wildlife.