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Tungsten super shot (TSS) is a tungsten-alloy material with a thickness that is 22% higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent denser than lead. This offers longer maximum speeds, the capacity to utilize more modest shot sizes, and cleaner kills. A tungsten shot, in Canada, is deadly at longer distances. The #9 shot is more deadly than the #5 lead shot, subsequently, more pellets fit into one shell. More pellets hitting the mark, harder than any time in recent memory, brings about fewer injured birds. Numerous turkey hunters have even begun using .410 drag shotguns with tungsten super shot. Guidelines are changing across the U.S. to permit trackers to do as such. 

Tungsten super shot versus Others 

With regards to shotgun pellets and fowl, what decides a pellet’s lethality is infiltration. What’s more, the penetration of the tungsten or bismuth shotgun shot is determined by the energy per surface region of the pellet. Weight doesn’t decide this. It is the weight per region. If two pellets use something similar, yet one is smaller, the little one will infiltrate further in light of the fact that the energy is centered around a smaller surface region on contact and isn’t dispersed over as wide a region. 

Concerning comparing 18g/cc tungsten super shot versus lead (11g/cc), a Super-18 pellet will have about similar penetration energy as a lead pellet 5 sizes bigger. In this way, a Super-18 #9 pellet will enter into the delicate matter at roughly a similar depth as a Lead #4 pellet. In any case, the Super-18 will really hit the target versus lead, as a result of hardness. It will break bones better, or some other hard material, due to its hardness and absence of straightening out when it comes into contact with any surface. 

Which shotguns can be used with Tungsten Super Shot? 

Since TSS is a hard pellet, it can’t be shot through Damascus steel barrels, or more established weapons not produced with present-day low-carbon steel (just bismuth and Kent Tungsten-Network are ok for such smoothbores). While many firearms from the 1940s on were worked with this kind of steel, they are not set apart for steel shot since lead was illegal. It stayed the prevailing pellet material because of thickness, cost, and accessibility, and there was a compelling reason to check the barrel for steel use. 

Most guns delivered after the lead boycott are set apart for steel use or “proof.” Notwithstanding, many firearms made preceding that period can securely shoot steel and tungsten shots, in Canada. 

With any gun, it is key to examine the condition, the most extreme payload it can deal with, and its developed materials to decide whether it is practical for use with TSS. A perfect representation is the first Caramelizing Auto-5 and whether it has a Belgian-or Japanese-made barrel. The last option was made of a more grounded steel compound fit for taking care of more diligently bismuth shotgun shot material. As a prudent step, it is best for more seasoned guns to be examined and assessed by your neighborhood gunsmith before use. 

As well as evaluating more seasoned guns, advanced gun manufacturing is considered in view of firearm resistances, as well as the sort of activity utilized (single shot, break-activity, siphon, or self-loader). There are multiple bismuth tungsten shotgun manufacturers that build shotguns. Every one of them has its own design and details. When ammunition manufacturers are efficiently manufacturing a shotgun shell, we should guarantee that it will burn through as many firearms as expected during these circumstances.  


There are currently a few choices accessible for tungsten alloy shots that will be well inside the value scope of most hunters. In any case, premium pellet producers like Agescan keep on investigating advancements that will make tungsten super shot much more compelling by blending it in with materials like copper. 

Most present-day shotguns are viable with many sorts of rounds. With so many choices available, picking the right Tungsten shot in Canada can be troublesome. 

Yet, truly which shot you use can determine the success of your hunt. Whether you’re simply beginning to explore waterfowl hunting or are a carefully prepared veteran of many hunts, a tungsten or bismuth shotgun shot is the most ideal for you.   

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