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Let’s first understand what is a Bismuth shot and how it’s different from the traditional lead shot, and why it has become more popular for shooting waterfowl. Waterfowl hunters utilize bismuth shots which is a type of shot consisting of a bismuth and tin alloy. It is an environmentally friendly substitute for conventional lead shots.

A Bismuth shotgun shot differs from a traditional lead shot in multiple ways. It is denser than lead which is why it retains more energy in flight, making it more successful in long distances. Also, Bismuth is a lot more affordable than tungsten Bismuth shot which can be used with lead-only barrels and chokes. In recent years, for shooting waterfowl, bismuth shots have become a lot more popular because of their range and non-toxicity.

As per the studies on bismuth tungsten shotguns, it has been found that waterfowl suffer from lead poisoning from lead shots, and there are many states including bismuth shot Canada that have banned the use of lead shots for shooting waterfowl. As a result of this, many waterfowlers have shifted to bismuth shots as a safe and effective alternative.

What size of Bismuth shot in Canada is best for ducks & geese?

The size of the shot you use when shooting ducks and geese has a significant role in deciding your success. For waterfowlers, the Bismuth shot is a really good option, as it has more density than steel and holds more energy in flight, making it effective for longer distances.

When choosing the right size of bismuth shots for ducks, the most common sizes are #4 and #6. These range in diameter from .11 to .13 inches, and different bismuth shot formulas work just as well as steel shot.

Regarding geese, the most common sizes are T, BBB, and BB. These range between .19 to .25 inches in diameter. Bismuth shotgun shot can be made in a variety of ways and performs similarly to the steel shot.

When shooting ducks and geese, the correct size of the bismuth shot is important as it ensures maximum accuracy and effectiveness of shots. Since Bismuth shot is denser than steel, it retains more energy throughout the flight and is hence more effective at greater distances.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that different Bismuth shotgun shot sizes will produce various effects, therefore it’s crucial to choose the size that is most appropriate for your particular application.

Bismuth shots of different sizes are going to provide different results, which is why it is important to select the size of the bismuth shotgun shot which is well suited for your particular application. The most popular sizes for ducks are #4 or #6, while for geese, they are T, BBB, or BB. You may ensure that your shots are as accurate and effective as possible by selecting the proper size of the bismuth shot.

Tips for choosing the right bismuth shot size

Here are some tips from us that could help you to choose the correct size of Bismuth shot.

The shooting distance:
Due to the higher density of bismuth, it is effective at long distances. The longer the shooting distance is, the larger size of the bismuth shot you will need.

Take into account the size of the ducks and geese you plan to shoot:
Small-size shots are well-suited for ducks, and as for the swans and geese, larger shot sizes are better.

The shotshell type you will be using also requires proper consideration:
The accuracy and effectiveness of shots rely on the size of the shot you select. Therefore, it is important.

Speed of the target:
The effectiveness of a bismuth shot is more when it is traveling at a higher speed. So, if you are shooting at fast-moving targets, you will need to select a large size of bismuth shot.

The terrain of shooting:
You might be able to get away with using a smaller size of bismuth shot, like #4, while hunting in small areas, including in ponds and marshes.


It is up to the hunter to decide what size of Bismuth shot in Canada is best for ducks and geese. Factors such as distance, type of bird, and the hunter’s personal preference will all play a role in determining the best size for the particular hunting situation. Ultimately, the best size will be the one that works the best for the hunter in the given conditions. Also, Bismuth is far more affordable than bismuth tungsten shot.

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