Excellent Abrasion Resistance Tungsten Nylon Supplier

Tungsten nylon is also known as nylon tungsten. Tungsten nylon has the advantages of tungsten and nylon. The properties of tungsten nylon are high elongation, excellent abrasion resistance, high resilience and durability, and good corrosion resistance, so it is very popular in making tungsten dart nylon shafts, tungsten nylon cylinders, nylon tungsten sinkers, etc.

Details of Tungsten Nylon Cylinders:

Nylon tungsten cylinders have an 11 mm tungsten bottom and an adjustable stainless steel suture ring. It is coated with a clear polyurethane paint and easily cleaned by removing six screws with a 7/64” allen wrench (included). The length and diameters for tungsten cylinders can be made according to customer requirements.

Apart from nylon tungsten cylinders, nylon tungsten is also the best material to make radiation shielding. Because of the properties, tungsten nylon is also made into fishing jigs. Nylon tungsten is one of our leading products. We have patented technology for manufacturing tungsten nylon. We can provide tungsten nylon to your requirements.