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Whether you’re a competitive sportsman or you just really cherish those peaceful hours on the lake, making sure you have equipment that will maximize your odds of landing fish is a great way to get as much as possible out of the experience.

This usually comes down to choosing the right tackle. Not only is it important to find fishing lures that are appropriate for the species and environment, it’s also essential that you choose tackle that is made from the right materials.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, here are three reasons to go with jigs made from tungsten metal.

Tungsten Offers Better Value

When shopping for new tackle at the beginning of the season, a lot of amateur anglers pass over tungsten for one simple reason: the price. Tungsten is a much rarer metal than lead or steel, and this means that fishing tackle made from tungsten costs more to manufacture.

But as any experienced fisherman knows, when it comes to tackle it is not the price that matters but the value: buying cheap supplies isn’t actually a bargain if they don’t last, or don’t deliver results in the field. Your hours on the water are too precious to waste fiddling about with sub-standard equipment.

Tungsten is famously denser than lead, but it is also harder than lead, which gives it a real advantage over other materials when it comes to manufacturing hunting and fishing equipment. Fishing sinkers made from tungsten will simply suffer less damage, retain their shape even with repeated heavy use, and last longer than fishing sinkers made from any other material.

If you’re looking for tackle that will offer superior performance over a longer period of time, tungsten fishing lures offer better value than any other metal.

The Practical Benefits of Density and Hardness

Tungsten may last longer than lead, but what do density and hardness actually mean when it comes time to start casting?

One of the main reasons experienced fishermen choose tungsten fishing sinkers is due to the fact that tungsten performs better than lead when it comes to catching fish. This is due to two main factors, both of which are due to tungsten’s density and hardness.

  • Sensitivity: Most anglers who use tungsten lures for the first time are struck by how much more sensitive it makes their lines. A heavier fishing weight means that you feel everything more acutely. If you’re trying to discern what the bottom is like, or whether you’ve got a bite or are simply snagged on a branch, this sensitivity translates into more information about what is going on below the surface.
  • Size: The denser the weight is, the more compact it can be. When compared to lead weights of a comparable heaviness, tungsten fishing sinkers are smaller, and better able to navigate grasses, reeds, and other plants along the lake or riverbed. This means you’re less likely to get caught, and more likely to smoothly trawl for fish in any environment.

Tungsten isn’t just more durable than lead, it also increases your likelihood of landing fish. For this reason, once you try fishing weights made from tungsten you won’t want to go back.

Tungsten is an Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Environmental authorities have been clamping down on lead for years, and while lead birdshot has seen a blanket ban on federal lands in the United States since the 1990s, there is currently no national ban on lead fishing jigs (though that is likely to change in 2022).

This doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and use lead jigs anyway until a ban comes into effect. As a toxic substance, lead has been shown to cause numerous environmental problems, both for fish and waterfowl and for the humans who eat them.

You wouldn’t bait your hook with poison and then eat the fish you caught, so why take chances with lead — especially when there are superior alternatives to lead fishing tackle available from high quality providers like Agescan?

Because tungsten fishing weights are non-toxic, not only will they give you the sensitivity and finesse you need to catch fish, they’ll also give you the confidence to cast widely without worrying about potential damage to your health or the environment.

Many things go into a great fishing trip, but landing actual fish is probably the most important. Don’t waste your time on the water casting for nothing — use tungsten jigs for a more sensitive, safe, and successful fishing experience!

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