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Hunting using lead shots has a number of drawbacks. Lead pellets not only contaminate the local land and water supply but lead exposure to meat can also have negative health impacts on humans. Indeed, according to the World Health Organization, there is no amount of lead exposure that is safe. That’s where the nontoxic shotshell comes into the picture. 

This put hunters in a difficult situation throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Lead shot was deadly and adaptable, and finding a substitute wouldn’t be easy. Fortunately, several obvious alternatives started to appear, and the bismuth shot was one of them. It is easy to understand why. But first, let’s look at why lead shots are not in anymore. 

Why Lead Shots are not Preferable?  

It makes sense that more businesses are providing a lead-free alternative as lead shot rules tighten globally. It allows hunters to keep hunting without violating the law. Along with the replacement of lead, biodegradable alternatives are useful in place of other components of a gun, such as plastic wads.  

Depending on where you are in the world, there are different lead shot regulations. For instance, lead shot is prohibited in Belgium’s Flemish regions as well as the Netherlands. In the UK, the lead will gradually phase out over the course of five years. Several lead shot restrictions date back almost twenty years, with New Zealand’s lead use ban being the longest-standing. 

On the Canadian market, lead-free ammunition is available. It is just as effective as lead and is made of materials like copper or copper-zinc alloy, steel, tungsten shot, Canada, or bismuth.  

The benefits of ammunition without lead include:  

  • It doesn’t pollute the soil or the water.  
  • In relation to overall hunting for sport shooting costs, it does not fracture or contaminate game meat  
  • Low cost of ammunition 

Since the early 1990s, non-lead, non toxic shotshell have been in use by waterfowl hunters. Nonetheless, lead leaks continue to mostly happen by hunting purposes and other game hunting. By deciding on and encouraging the usage of these substitutes, you can protect your family and the surrounding wildlife. Ask about it if lead-free ammo isn’t offered at your local sporting goods store. 

Bismuth as an Alternative to Lead 

Bismuth is a substance that has a density that is comparable to lead and yields effects that are extremely similar. It is useful in the field with basic fiber wads because it is lighter than steel. Although it has been there for many years and is particularly successful for wetland shooting, it is helpful to increase your bullet size when using this substance.  

Since bismuth shot is thicker than steel, it can be deadly even at considerable distances. Because of this, it is particularly useful for killing wildlife like waterfowl and grouse with one, accurate shot. Moreover, it is significantly less expensive than tungsten shot, Canada, giving it an affordable lead substitute that most hobbyists can afford. 

Environment Benefits of Bismuth Shot 

The fact that bismuth shot is non-toxic is among its most notable environmental advantages. This indicates that it does not endanger the environment or any species. Contrarily, lead is extremely poisonous and can have detrimental effects on an animal’s health if they ingest it. Eagles, owls, and other raptors that feed on the remains of animals shot with lead ammo may fall under this category. Bismuth shot eliminates this risk, making it a considerably safer hunting alternative.  

Lead shot has a greater environmental impact than bismuth shot. This is due to the heavy metal, lead, which can linger in the environment for many years or even centuries. Lead shot can degrade and leak into the soil and water, endangering living things like plants, animals, and even people. Contrarily, bismuth shot, Canada is significantly less corrosive to the environment, making it a considerably more environmentally friendly choice.  

Bismuth shot provides additional benefits over conventional lead shot in addition to the environment. Bismuth shot, Canada, for instance, is softer than lead, it is less likely to harm your gun’s barrel. Moreover, it is far more effective and denser than steel shot. 


Canadian hunters who wish to have as little of an environmental impact as possible should use bismuth shots. It is a superior substitute for a conventional lead shot due to its non-toxicity, reduced environmental impact, and efficiency in taking down wildlife. Making the decision to use a bismuth shot is a simple approach to ensure that hunters are doing their part to preserve the ecosystem.  

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