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Tungsten Shielding in the Applications of Nuclear Industry and Medicine

Today, there is a huge focus on the widespread prevalence of nuclear medicine applications. There are some of the best and most sophisticated components (engineered) available which allow for imaging of molecules and nuclear medicines for the purpose of absorbing the gamma X-rays and gamma radiations, including tungsten radiation shielding. This eventually helps in a […]

Demand of Lead-free Tungsten Radiation Shielding

We are specialists in the customization of tungsten heavy-alloys for Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Medicine/Radioisotope, symptomatic imaging and non-destructive testing businesses. Minimum radiation exposure is accomplished by utilizing materials that expand safeguarding. The denser the material, the more significant level of protection it gives.¬†With a thickness roughly 1.7 times higher than lead, Tungsten Heavy Alloy shielding […]